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At the heart of Tia G Design approach lies the belief that a well-designed space transcends mere aesthetics and becomes a seamless extension of its inhabitants' lives.


The aim is to create environments that not only visually inspire but also enhance the quality of life for those who inhabit them. This philosophy steers our design process, guiding to the intention to strike the perfect balance between elegance and innovation.

We offer limitless creative potential for dynamic individuals who want it their way. Your home is your domain of influence; don't settle for the standard.



Tia Giovanina, offers a blend of artistic finesse and anthropological wisdom, that blossomed amidst the storied surroundings of the Hamptons. Growing up on the historic Sabin Estate known as Bayberry Land, her journey from Artist to Interior Designer has been a harmonious exploration of the interplay between human creativity, architectural heritage, and the organic wonders of the natural world.

Nurtured within the embrace of Bayberry Land's timeless architecture and flourishing gardens, Tia developed an early fascination for the stories these spaces could tell. Her artistic inclinations matured alongside her academic pursuits in anthropology, offering her a unique perspective on the cultural narratives woven into the very architecture that surrounded her.

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Tia's insatiable wanderlust carried her far from the Hamptons, exposing her to diverse cultures and architectural marvels. From the street markets of Brazil to the serene simplicity of Asian temples, she absorbed architectural aesthetics as a manifestation of cultural identity. This immersion informed her transition into interior design, where her designs celebrate the dialogue between human experiences and the built environment.

The artistry of Tia Giovanina's Design Philosophy transcends trends; it encapsulates the essence of livable luxury and is creating a new standard for the modern lifestyle.

In each project, she invites her clients into an immersive experience to explore the pinnacle of their lifestyles potential & find self-expression through bespoke, one-of-a-kind interiors. 

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"My vision is to ignite a transformative exploration of interior design, using its potential to elevate our daily lives. I aspire to be a catalyst in the creative community that shifts the paradigm, transforming spaces beyond mere functionality into a journey towards elevated self expression.


In this pursuit, I envision a world where every interior space is a canvas for innovation, embodying aesthetic brilliance and celebrating individuality."


  -Tia Giovanina

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